Education and Public Outreach Resources

Here are some links to E/PO resources, including activities, assessment strategies and tools.

Education and Outreach activity resources:
Peer-reviewed astronomy education activities (astroEDU)
Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP) Educational Resources
AAS outreach resources (Includes links to NASA, NSF, Dept of Ed, plus NASA E/PO Metrics)
AAS Resources for Educators (Includes links to more resources for educators inside and outside of classroom)
Harvard-Smithsonian CfA Science Education Department (Another great one-stop shop)
Sky and Telscope Astronomy Education Resources (links to orgs, media, teaching resources, astronomy references, camps)
Sonoma State University Astronomy Teaching Resources
NASA Space-based astronomy educator guide
JPL Education
JPL PlanetQuest Education
NASA Astrobiology Institute Education and Outreach
NASA Wavelength (peer-reviewed Earth and space science resources from NASA for educators of all levels)

Outreach materials:
Celestial Buddies
Space and Astronomy Books for Kids
Science in the classroom: articles from the journal Science annotated for use by teachers

Teaching Education and Professional Development:
Center for Astronomy Education
National Science Teachers Association

Assessment Resources:
Hubble Cycle E/PO Elements of Program Evaluation
PEAR STEM Observational tools
Assessment Tools in Informal Science
HST E/PO Elements of a Program Evaluation
Evaluation Resources for Informal Education (i.e., outside the classroom)

APS National Mentoring Community