Finishing Your Fellowship

If you need to end your fellowship early:

If you will not be completing the entire 3 years of your fellowship (perhaps you got a job - congrats!), submit a Fellowship Action Form which states the new end date of your fellowship and the reason for the change. This will ensure that the reports described in the rest of this page have updated due dates.

When your fellowship ends, you have 3 basic things to do:

Final Project Report

The Final Project Report report is just like the Annual Reports, even including the Changes/Problems section, so follow the instructions/guidelines on that page for filling out the Final Project Report. The report is due by 90 days after your fellowship ends.

Project Outcomes Report

The Project Outcomes Report should briefly (in 200-800 words) summarize your project's "outcomes or findings that address the intellectual merit and broader of impacts of your work." It should be written for the general public and you have the option of uploading up to 6 images along with your report. It seems similar, but in kind of in an opposite way, to your initial Abstract that you wrote when you got the fellowship. It is also due by 90 days after your fellowship ends.

Fellowship Termination Certificate

Section 12 of the AAPF information booklet states:

A Fellowship Termination Certificate, NSF Form 453 (6/2009), will be made available in the materials sent with the award notice. This certificate must be signed by an appropriate official at the Fellowship Institution, and should show the date the Fellow actually completed Fellowship activities; the Fellowship will be considered to have terminated as of that date. When a Fellow affiliates with more than one institution, a Termination Certificate is required from each institution. Submission of this certificate is necessary to comply with governmental accounting procedures. In the event the certificate is not submitted the Fellow may be requested to return to the Foundation all Fellowship funds which were received during Fellowship tenure.

Therefore, "soon" after your fellowship ends, you must fill out and sign the Fellowship Termination Certification, NSF Form 453, found on this page. You also need to get a "Head of Department or Other Official" or "an appropriate official at the Fellowship Institution" to sign the document. This is probably going to be the person who signed your letter of support for the fellowship (or whomever currently holds that position). Once you and the "appropriate official" have signed the document, email it to the current NSF AAPF Program Officer.