Elisabeth R. Newton

The Physics of the Smallest Stars and the Planets that Orbit Them
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Starting year: 2016
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Research Interests:

Most nearby stars are unlike our Sun: three­-quarters of the stars in our galaxy are M dwarfs, with masses from a tenth to a half that of the Sun. However, there are outstanding challenges in understanding the physics of these common stars, from the origin of their magnetic dynamo to predicting their sizes and temperatures. I use observations to progress our understanding of their fundamental stellar properties, angular momentum evolution, and magnetic field generation.

Education and Outreach Interests:

In graduate school, I was a founding member of Astrobites, a blog that communicates current research in astronomy to an undergraduate audience, and ComSciCon, a national workshop on science communication for graduate students. I have also been a mentor, tutor, and teacher through programs such as the Harvard Women in STEM mentoring program and Science Club for Girls. As an AAPF Fellow, I will be teaching an introductory astronomy course in Massachusetts state prisons through the BU Prison Education Program.