Jason Nordhaus

The Extraordinary Deaths of Ordinary Stars: 3D Simulations of Common Envelope Phases
Contact information:
Center for Computational Relativity and Gravitation
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, NY 14623
Fellowship status:
Starting year: 2011
Research Interests:

I'm currently interested in the theory of core-collapse supernovae, binary interactions on the post-main sequence, the origin of strongly magnetized compact objects, and the physics of common envelopes.

Education and Outreach Interests:

American Sign Language (ASL) is the third most commonly used language in the United States. Despite that fact, few opportunities exist for deaf or hard of hearing students to pursue careers in astronomy/astrophysics. As such, I am designing an astronomy course for RIT's National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID). Founded by the US Congress in 1965, NTID is one of seven colleges of RIT. NTID has 1,500 students, making it the largest technical college in the world for deaf and hard of hearing students and represents about ~10% of the RIT student body. Once the course is developed, I will teach it in ASL -- making it a unique, non-verbal, astronomy learning environment.