Jessica Lu

Contact information:
Fellowship status:
Starting year: 2011
Fellowship institution: Institute for Astronomy at the University of Hawaii, Manoa
Research Interests:

I am interested in adaptive optics, massive star and cluster formation, astrometry, the Galactic center, and M31. My research is focused on understanding how the star formation process differs in extreme environments such as in massive young star clusters and galactic nuclei. I am also on science and technical teams for future Keck adaptive optics systems and the Thirty Meter Telescope.

Education and Outreach Interests:

I am primarily interested in education multipliers, such as packaging and distributing new education materials being developed. Often, new classroom excercises/materials are created by one person and then only that person uses them. I would like to not only develop and implement new classroom activities, but also to package them with sufficient documentation and post them on sites frequented by other astronomy teaching assistants and professors. I am also interested in adapting inquiry based techniques for advanced subject classes.