Peter Frinchaboy

Mapping the Dynamics of the Milky Way: The Bar to the Edge of the Disk
Contact information:
Texas Christian Univ. (TCU)
Department of Physics & Astronomy
TCU Box 298840
Fort Worth, TX 76129
Fellowship status:
Starting year: 2006
AAPF alumnus
Fellowship institution: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Current (or last known) position: Assistant Professor of Physics & Astronomy, Texas Christian Univ. (TCU)
Research Interests:

While the Milky Way generally provides a unique laboratory for detailed studied of the chemodynamics of disk galaxies, many key areas of the Galaxy essential to understanding the evolution of other disk galaxies still remain poorly studied. Using optical and infrared imaging and spectroscopy, I will (1) measure stellar kinematics and streaming motions along the Galactic bar to determine its extent and the nature of bar orbits and (2) determine the origin, dynamics, evolution, and chemical history of the Milky Way disk using open clusters as tracers.

Education and Outreach Interests:

For my educational activity, I am developing techniques to integrate research into courses in non-traditional colleges (i.e., small state schools) and prepare future professors for teaching non-traditional students.