2016 (Kissimmee, FL)

NSF Astronomy and Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellows
Fellows and guests at the 2016 AAS meeting in Kissimmee.

If you plan to attend, please register for the Symposium using the following link. The Symposium is open to all who are registered for the AAS meeting at no extra charge. Invited speakers and panelists do not need to register for the general AAS meeting. Current NSF Fellows are eligible for partial reimbursement.

Please direct any inquiries to the organizers:
Darcy Barron (darcy.barron@gmail.com)
Serge Dieterich (dieterich@carnegiescience.edu)
Devin Silva (devin.silvia@gmail.com)


2016 Symposium Schedule
All events in room "Sun C" of the Gaylord Convention Center

Sunday, January 3, 2016

1:00 Welcoming Remarks (Conference organizers)
1:15 Talks by Fellows

Tom Essinger-Hileman, Darcy Barron, Rukmani Vijayaraghavan, Cameron Hummels

2:15 Discussion Panel 1: “The Postdoc to Faculty Transition in Astronomy”

Dr. Phillip Choi                         Pomona College
Dr. Rachel Kuzio de Naray         Georgia State University
Dr. Marshall Perrin                   Space Telescope Science Institute

3:15 Coffee Break
4:00 Talks by Fellows

Jeffrey Silverman, Jedidah Isler, Aomawa Shields, Karen Knierman

5:00 Status Report on the AAPF and NSF-AST

Dr. Harshal Gupta, NSF-AAPF Program Officer

5:30 Program Conclusion
7:00 Symposium Dinner

Monday, January 4, 2016

9:00 Keynote Address

Dr. Lou Strolger, Space Telescope Science Institute

10:00 Coffee break and informal discussion
10:30 Talks by Fellows

Julia Kamenetzky, Ximena Fernandez

11:00 Discussion Panel 2: “Fostering a more inclusive astronomical community”

Dr. Carolyn Brinkworth             National Center for Atmospheric Research
Dr. Jedidah Isler                       Vanderbilt University
Dr. Sarah Elizabeth Tuttle         McDonald Observatory

12:00 Box lunch and general AAPF discussions (Fellows, alumni, NSF staff, and invitees)
2:30 Talks by Fellows

Devin Silvia, Robyn Sanderson and Ximena Fernandez

3:10 Coffee Break
3:30 Talks By Fellows

Kelly Denney, Daniel Grin, Angie Wolfgang

4:30 Discussion Panel 3: “The Forefront and Future Development of U.S. Astronomy”

Dr. Paul Butler                     Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, Carnegie Institution
Dr. Katrin Heitmann             Argonne National Laboratory
Dr. Jason Kalirai                   Space Telescope Science Institute

5:45 Closing Remarks (Conference organizers)

Talks by Fellows, Detailed Schedule and Titles

Sunday, January 3, 2016

1:15pm: Tom Essinger-Hileman, “The Cosmology Large Angular Scale Survey”
1:30pm: Darcy Barron, “Cosmology from CMB Polarization with POLARBEAR and the Simons Array”
1:45pm: Rukmani Vijayaraghavan, “The Survival and Destruction of Galactic Gas in Cluster Environments”
2:00pm: Cameron Hummels, “Spectral Deception: Using Simulations to Correctly Interpret Absorption Spectra”

4:00pm: Jeffrey M. Silverman, “Active Astronomy Activities and Astronomy on Tap”
4:15pm: Jedidah Isler, “On the Vanguard: Engaging and Encouraging Emerging Women of Color in STEM”
4:30pm: Aomawa Shields, “Rising Stargirls: Using Theater, Writing, and Visual Art to Explore Astronomy and
Astrobiology with Middle School Girls of Color”
4:45pm: Karen Knierman, “Multicultural Milky Way: Planetarium Partnerships with Under-served Arizonans”

Monday, January 4, 2016

10:30am: Julia Kamenetzky, “Bringing Radio Interferometry to the Introductory Astronomy Classroom”
10:45am: Ximena Fernandez, “Highest Redshift Neutral Hydrogen Image in Emission: A CHILES Detection of a
Starbursting Galaxy”

2:30pm: Devin Silvia, TBA
2:45pm: Robyn Sanderson & Ximena Fernandez, “Building Better Bridges: An Evaluation of the Columbia University
Bridge to the Ph.D. Program”

3:30pm: Kelly Denney, "OSU MAIL Boxes and Telescope Lending Library"
3:45pm: Daniel Grin, “Astronomy outreach to older adults in Chicago”
4:00pm: Angie Wolfgang, “A Probabilistic Mass-Radius Relationship for Sub-Neptune-Sized Planets: Implications for
Missions Post-Kepler”