Sera Markoff

All Jets Great and Small: Understanding the Role of Outflows in the Broadband Spectra of XRBs and LLAGN
Contact information:
Fellowship status:
Starting year: 2002
AAPF alumnus
Fellowship institution: MIT
Current (or last known) position: Assistant Professor, University of Amsterdam
Research Interests:

I am working on a theoretical and observational study of astrophysical jets, twin outflows of relativistic plasma which are formed and expelled near the event horizon of accreting black holes. While jets are seen over a huge range of systems, from the stellar up to the galactic, their basic properties are still poorly understood even after decades of research. By modeling their emission characteristics over the broadband spectrum from radio to even gamma-rays, and comparing X-ray binary jets to AGN jets (particularly in low-luminosity nuclei) using scaled models, I hope to gain insight into their underlying physics. A better grasp of the physical mechanisms at work and the conditions at the base of the jet may help answer outstanding questions such as how jets form, how they are related to the accretion flow, and what type of matter they contain.

Education and Outreach Interests:

Building on established partnerships of the Center for Space Research Education and Public Outreach office, I am helping to create support materials for science teaching and outreach in the classrooms, with a focus on the Project Astro program. I am also working on support materials for public outreach, including the Boston Museum of Science. In particular, I am incorporating elements of my research into computer-animated images and demonstrations appropriate for today's technically savvy students.