2004 symposium (Atlanta)


9:00 Introduction by Eileen Friel
9:10 Compact Objects -- Moderator: Eileen Friel
9:10 Eric Hooper; "Probing the Triggering and Fueling Mechanisms for Quasars"
9:20 Sera Markoff: Flares in our Galactic Center Supermassive Black Hole, Sgr A*: A Glimmer of AGN-Like Activity?
9:30 Jon Miller: "Evidence for Intermediate Mass Black Holes"
9:40 Jeno Sokoloski: Jets from Accreting White Dwarfs
9:50 Don Smith: Chasing the Earliest Light from Gamma-Ray Bursts: The World-Wide ROTSE-III Network
10:00 Coffee Break
10:30 Stars/Low Z Galaxies -- Moderator: Miller Goss
10:30 Kelsey Johnson: Observing Extragalactic Star Formation in the Next Decade
10:40 Brenda Frye: "Intergalactic Metallicity at Low-Z: CIV Absorbers in STIS and FUSE High-Resolution Spectroscopy"
10:50 Summary of NSF Programs for New Faculty -- Eileen Friel
11:00 Panel 1: Making the Transition from Postdoc to Faculty/Permanent Researcher
Faculty: Keivan Stassun, Vanderbilt University; Jane Charlton, Penn State; Cornelia Lang, U Iowa; Sally Oey, Lowell Observatory; Ray Jayawardhana, U Michigan
12:20 Lunch
1:45 Surveys/Galaxies -- Moderator: Malcolm Smith
1:45 Anthony Gonzalez: "The FLAMINGOS Extragalactic Survey"
1:55 Eric Gawiser: The MUSYC Survey: A Census of Protogalaxies at z=3
2:05 Anne Metevier: Internal Kinematics of Galaxies in the GOODS-N Field
2:15 Kristy Dyer: Missing the Forest for the Trees: Science Opportunities with the Green Bank Telescope
2:25 Christopher Conselice: "Constraining Empirically How Galaxies Form"
2:35 Panel 2: Conducting Astrophysics Research in Large Collaborations
Faculty: Miller Goss, NRAO; David Koo, UCO/Lick, DEEP; Alyssa Goodman, CfA/COMPLETE; Tony Tyson, UC Davis, DLS
NSF fellows: Chris C; Jeno S
3:30 Coffee Break
4:00 Research/Outreach Mixed Session -- Moderator: Sally Oey
4:00 Kim Coble: What People Should Learn About Cosmology and Why
4:10 Jessica Rosenberg: Studying Galaxies and Everything in Between: A Discussion of Research and Teaching
4:20 Dara Norman: "Merging Research, Education and Public Outreach Through Surveys"
4:30 John Feldmeier: "Intracluster Starlight and Astronomy Education of Home-schoolers"
4:40 Open Discussion: "Integrating research with education and public outreach"
Faculty moderators: Dana Lehr, NSF; Brian Abbott, AMNH; Malcolm Smith, CTIO
5:45 Summary/Closing Words by Miller Goss
6:00 Quick (15 min) meeting with Eileen Friel about NSF AAPF Program, to give/hear feedback about the program, discuss when/where for next meeting, etc.
7:00 AAS Opening Reception